Technology Makes Finance Easier

Company Profile

OneConnect is a leading Fintech SaaS provider of advanced technology-enabled business solutions to small and medium-sized financial institutions. Our solutions are based on the world-class technologies including AI, Blockchain, Cloud platform, and Biometrics Identification. Currently, OneConnect has 101 products in four business disciplines including Digital Banking Solutions, Digital Insurance Solutions, Digital Investment Solutions, and SaaS Cloud Platform, covering sales, product development, risk management, operations and technology. We are a comprehensive Fintech solution provider that has coverage of all major financial industries as well as front, middle and back office functions.

Oneconnect has one of the world’s best technology development team. For example, in the aspect of AI, the company has achieved 99.8% recognition accuracy in facial recognition and 99%+ in VPR accuracy. Further, OneConnect has achieved world-class level in the aspects of voiceprint, micro-expression and NLP recognition. In the aspect of blockchian, OneConnect is the earliest company to develop and apply blockchain technology in China, exploring 12 application scenarios including finance,medical healthcare, customs, trade, real estate and auto. Many of the above scenarios have achieve real blockchain application.

As of the end of 2018 Q1, OneConnect has served over 450 banks and over 2100 quasi-financial institutions. In 2017, OneConnect had won 21 industry awards and five authorized certifications. Earlier this year, we have completed round A financing with post-investment valuation of 7.5 billion dollars.

  • Four Core Technologies

    Cloud Platform



    Biometric Identification

  • Five Powerful Tools

    Digital Sales Solutions

    Digital Risk Management Solutions

    Digital Product Solutions

    Digital Service Solutions

    Digital Operation Solutions

  • Five Promotion

    Increased Customers

    Reduced Risk

    Diversified Products

    Optimized Service

    Efficient Operation